Who We Are:

Musubi Farm is a private agricultural enterprise located at the shores of Lake
Victoria in Bukabooli Sub County, Mayuge District, in Eastern Uganda. The farm
is implementing a Hass Avocado Value Chain Development Project with a core
mandate of supporting the Uganda Hass Avocado Industry by championing the
supply of grafted quality avocado seedling, commercially viable growing of the
crop, and value addition for the export market.
Our mother farm is located in Mayuge District, sitting on approximately 2500
acres of land where large-scale cultivation of various horticulture crops and the
production, distribution and processing of avocado seedlings is processed. The
farm employs more than 100 Technical Staffs, with over 850 casual employees
supporting farm activities each year.

In ensuring that Ugandan farmers have sustainable and reliable access to high
quality avocado seedlings forms the solid foundation for Musubi Farm, and
guarantees quality fruits that will feed into the proposed avocado oil processing
plant being set-up by the farm. The plant shall produce avocado oil and other
products for the local and international market. Moreover, the project is already
facilitating the establishment of a National Avocado Growers Association to ensure
quality of produce, and common market access.

The vision of the founders continues to guide Musubi Farm in its commitment to
quality of produce, promote environmental care and ecological sustainability with
economic and social gains to the farmers. Musubi Farm is well aligned to the
Government of Uganda’s efforts to uplift the living standards of the majority of
disadvantaged Ugandans through agro-job creation, while empowering them
economically to contribute to national development.

Our Vision:

We envision becoming an avocado sector leader and contributing to a poverty free

Our Mission:

To promote the production and supply of quality avocado products

Core Values:

Health and Safety