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We Support Hass Avocado Farmers in East Africa and beyond by promoting access to Quality Seedlings, Production knowledge and Market Access

Why Choose Our Avocado oil

Growing Hass Avocado is a profitable Venture but you need the right guidance to Make it!

Hass Avocado Consultation Services

We Offer affordable consultation services to people who are already engaged in Hass Avocado Production or those who are just starting out. 

Visit our online store to buy genuine fungicides, insecticides, micronutrients, fertilizers, and and other inputs needed to grow Hass Avocado

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Discover your estimated incomes from Hass Avocado production for the next 10 years

We are the Leading Hass Avocado producers in Uganda with a field acreage of 2,500 acres. We Pride ourselves as producers of premium quality Hass avocado fruits and Seedlings


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