The hass avocado is a cultivar of avocado with dark green-coloured and bumpy skin and a smooth, creamy nutty taste. It was grown and sold by Southern California mail courier and amateur horticulturist Rudolph Hass,who also gave it his name In the year 1926-1935.


The hass plant is far much preferred for its long harvest season and greater yield. The tough skin of the fruit protects the flesh thus fewer fruits are damaged during transportation/shipping.

Hass seedlings are obtained through a horticultural technique (grafting), whereby two plant tissues/parts  are joined together so that they appear to grow as a single plant.

Where to buy;

Hass avocado seedling are normally sold by registered and certified seedling nurseries whereby farmers are guided and trained on how to plant and take care of the seedling after planting.


The plant/tree takes two to three years to bear fruits depending on the time taken in the seedling nursery. The tree normally takes 6-8 years to attain maximum production.

Why Uganda ;

The hass avocado does well in medium sandy soils and in warm climates. Most parts in Uganda have very fertile sandy soils and pleasantly warm climate which is very much suitable for the growth and support of the tasty, high yielding, high value humble hass tree.


The hass avocado can either be consumed locally, exported or ripened for extraction of either food or cosmetic grade oil.

Owing to its taste ,nutritional benefits,size,shelf-life,high glowing yield and in some areas year-round harvesting, the hass avocado is the most commercially popular avocado worldwide.

The hass avocado fruit has the following benefits;

Bottom line;

  1. Rich source of monounsaturated acid.

                 Oleic acid the most abundant; may protect against heart diseases, diabetes, lower cholesterol, fights inflammation in the body—-etc.

  1. Rich in many essential vitamins and minerals
  2. High in antioxidants and have many important nutrients some of which are rare in the modern diet e.g. vitamin k, copper, carotenoids—
  3. Known to improve eye sight
  4. Lots of fibre and less sugar
  5. Very filling and may reduce symptoms of arthritis
  6. Known for its anti-aging and moisturizing typical oil for the skin, scalp and hair