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Fresh Avocado

High Quality Hass Avocado Fruits

We Grow and Sell High Quality Hass avocado Fruits for both local and export market.

  • We produce over 70,000 tons a year

  • Our Avocados are naturally grown

  • We guarantee shipment of any tonnage

Start with Quality Seeds

High Quality Hass Avocado Seedlings

We sell hardened and High Quality Hass Avocado Seedlings with the ability to reach maturity faster hence early flowering and fruit formation.

  • Order directly from our nurseries

  • Receive free training when you buy from us

  • Quality of our seedlings is guaranteed

Extra Virgin Oil

Hass Avocado Oil

Our Avocado oil is extracted from sound fruits (no rots, physiological disorders, or damage), giving us quality oil with a very low percentage of free fatty acids

  • We produce extra virgin avocado oil

  • Can process 3 tons of avocado oil per hour

  • We process bulk quantities for commercial use

Nileone Academy

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Learn directly from trainers who are actively working in their respective fields.

  • Learn Crypto and Block chain

  • Master the Art of Digital Marketing

  • Learn Visual and Audio Production

Our Gallery

We always promote our service with the same value we stand for: Innovation

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